19 ways to have meaning

  1. don’t go on your phone past 10 pm (don’t fall asleep to the artificial light of an electronic, fall asleep to your own scrambled thoughts)
  2. hug your grandparents
  3. swear off soda for a week, then a month, …
  4. go to the freaking library
  5. write your mom a sappy ass card
  6. play monopoly with your sibs
  7. take a bath
  8. try sudoku
  9. learn to sew a pillow
  10. jam to some old music
  11. drink some boba milk tea
  12. watch david dobrik
  13. think of a mantra
  14. smell a book
  15. look out the window during a drive
  16. eat chick fil a
  17. donate those clothes in your closet that you never wear
  18. smile bc life is great & you’re beautiful & unstoppable
  19. roll ur eyes at my dumbass blog isn’t it embarassing??

a reflection of my 2015-2016 school year

wordpress i missed you
i’m out for summer though so you know what that means 😉 😉 😉
so anyway i just wanted to update you guys on what i’ve been doing instead of blogging…yeah i tried living for once!!1! it was a confusing experience

i was looking through my old posts on my main blog and HOLY WOW cringe cringe cringe but i have honestly changed so much it’s crazy. i just finished my sophomore year which is insane but i’m switching schools next year so i am so terrified sos

but this school year was so amazing & i will tell you all about it even though none of you asked ❤

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